Malax Loaf, sliced

Lactose-free Malax Loaf has no additives. It has a long shelf-life thanks to its traditional production process.
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Maalahden Limppu, viipaloitu (325g)

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  • Maalahden Limppu, viipaloitu (325g)
  • Avocado-jokirapusalsa
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The genuine Malax Loaf is made entirely according to a traditional recipe without preservatives or additives. Malax Loaf tastes sweet and savoury. The original preparation methods give the bread its natural, refined taste and excellent shelf life. The taste of the wholegrain Malax Loaf only gets better with time. Malax Loaf does not contain milk or lactose.

Additional Information

Customer Service No
Ingredients (by manufacturer) wholegrain rye flour, water, syrup, wheat flour, yeast bread flour, yeast, salt (1.2%)
Nutritional Information (by manufacturer), 100g No
Weight 325g
SKU 100018